Bi Sexual Swingers in Alicante

Bi-Sexual. A person who has sex with other people of both sex.

Over the last few years the numbers of people experimenting with their sexuality has increased, this led to the big increase in swingers in most free thinking countries. As a result of this liberalisation, people have felt able to experiment with same sex or bi sexual sex and many have found that they enjoy it.

In Northern European countries such as the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium Female Bi sexuality is regarded as normal and over 75% of women who have profiles with us record themselves as bisexual. Male bisexuals are not as numerous, with about 25% of male profiles showing as bisexual.

In Southern Europe the numbers are about the same for women, but about 60-75% of Spanish, Italian and French males classifying themselves as Bi sexual.

In the past swingers clubs used to allow female bisexual activity, but would frown upon any signs of male bisexual activity. Over the last three or four years most clubs have started to recognise the fact that there are a large number of bi sexual swingers and many now run specific nights for bi sexual activity.